LinkedIn Updates - Career Break!

LinkedIn Updates - Career Break!

I did a post yesterday about a new LinkedIn update. LinkedIn has added an "Add Career Break" option as part of the experience section. Very impressed with it. The bigger conversation is people doing whats best for them! Enjoy the read! 

Linked Post:

I've had a lot of conversations over the last couple of years with many who've been considering job changes and redirecting their careers. While we constantly talk about networking and building on human relationships - there is an often neglected relationship - the one with yourself. Now thats the OG supply chain issue right ??- Time's always been in short supply and we've constantly had to (using a #ProAV reference) do things that are 'good enough'. Taking time to build yourself has always been this great luxury that most individuals dont get the opportunity for. I always said "You are your best advocate". Empowered people make for better employees! Thats also why I believe the whole concept of gaps in your work history was something that needed to be normalized. If your hiring process needs to understand why someone didnt work for 3 months a decade ago to come up with a decision, then you are truly putting up a hurdle on the path to #equity#DEI cannot be achieved without normalizing our biggest commonality - that we are all human. 

Sorry for this long post, but today I'd like to applaud LinkedIn for adding a new "Add Career Break" section! Lets normalize people wanting to step away from the workforce. Taking a break from work, doesnt have to be 'revolutionary' 'trendsetting' or any of those cool labels that we try to give to people. There is a complexity to humanity that can only be appreciated when you see that people are a sum of all their individual experiences. Well done! Lots of work to be done, but nothing like seeing this on the biggest professional social media platform! 

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