PSNI Design Summit 2022 - Recap


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📣📣PSA: This is going to be long, but please do take a few minutes to read!

The PSNI Global Alliance Design Summit 2022 in St. Louis was an absolute blast! We had some great conversations. Corey kicked things off with a superb discussion on all things Audinate. We were also part of the panel on "What’s next as the AV industry moves into the network space”. It was amazingly informative s/o to my dear friend & #Audinator Luke. Thank you Cody for moderating!

We then followed it up with "The Network Workplace" which I was fortunate to be a part of! James Colquhoun was just amazing as host / moderator! I also wanted to thank all my fellow panelists and particularly Eric Snider from bringing some 🔥🔥🔥 questions!

People who've heard me to talk or tweet know that Im extremely passionate about #Security and #Cybersecurity. Well if you were at the event, you know I brought that passion in full force (Did I offend a little? Maybe... hopefully not but please know its only cuz I care so much 🙏)

Far too often we get caught up in security methods. Lets update passwords, lets do network segmentation and you know what - thats awesome, but we are still failing to build a network / security architecture. We need to start thinking beyond whats evident and think of things holistically. I wanted to recap my thoughts from the session (some borderline mic drop moments, so yes Im a little proud 😂)

#1 "Better late than never" When do you need to start thinking about the network and its security? You think about it from day 1. If you dont, when's the next best opportunity? Well, its today - right now - as soon as you can! These questions need to be a part of our mindset. If your network designs are only accounting for port counts remember your focus is just on Layer 1 of the OSI model. There are 6 other layers that need some of that design love.

#2 "Relying just on Air-gapped networks is not security, its being lazy" Yes I did call out some of our thinking in a room full of extremely brilliant engineers. Im sorry, but it had to be done. Security is about being actionable in each step of our process. When you design your next job, ask yourself how can you incorporate elements of secure network design? Create a checklist for your Account Execs, so they can ask the right questions from the very beginning. Create documentation that specifies your password management policies. Lets get out of the "but its not on your network so we're good" mindset. We have no idea what the threat actor deems valuable and hacks dont happen over a day. Its a long process! Lets step up our game #AVTweeps

That was a long post, but the bottom line is we are here as a resource to you. Audinate has been building network solutions for a while. As we venture into more complex ecosystems our history of over a million deployments of #Dante put us in a unique position to be there for you as you look to up your game. Happy Secure Networking friends!

#ProAV #Boyers11 #DanteSpokenHere

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Go to the profile of Paul Konikowski
6 months ago

Great post, Frank!  Thanks for your continued commitment to cybersecurity.  Hoping next week's AV/IT summit also brings some security discussions and some  🔥🔥🔥 

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS
6 months ago

Thanks, @Frank Padikkala for recapping the discussion and keeping it honest and real (I wanted to say "frank" but..😂 Hey, YOU came up with "Xchangers"!)

Anyway, on a serious note, it looks as though you'll be keeping the conversation going tomorrow, July 27 1PM, during a Networked AV & IT Power Hour: Securing AV over IP.  

I'll be listening in and invite others to Register Now!