#AVintheAM - #PMvEng - 04/23/2023

#AVintheAM TakeOver today!
#AVintheAM - #PMvEng - 04/23/2023

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The rules are simple: If you'd like to respond to a Question - leave a comment here with the Question# Do one or do them all! We'd like to here your thoughts. You could also join us on Twitter or the other socials if thats easier. Just search the hashtag #PMvEng - Dont forget you can join #AVintheAM on Twitter on Sunday mornings (Eastern Time, NY)

#PMvEng asks Q1: In your project process, what phase do you spend the most time on and why? Would you do things differently? Let's be honest, are Change Orders part of your project planning process? What are the Pros/Cons of Change Orders? #AVintheAM

#PMvEng asks Q2: NO NAMES! Tell us your craziest supply chain story? How did the chaos impact your project? What is your organization doing to address/mitigate this risk? Is it seen as just a Biz issue or are tech teams being educated & included?  #AVintheAM

#PMvEng asks Q3: What is the ideal project team?  Do you feel that engineers should work together on projects or is one engineer enough? Utilize Project Coordinators? What is that role? How do u mentor new employees when AV is still based on hrs sold? #AVintheAM

#PMvEng asks Q4: How do you transition from pre-sales to the project implementation team? What steps do you take from pre-sales > project award > actual install? Who’s in your kickoff meetings? Do you have a communication plan or RACI? #AVintheAM

#PMvEng asks Q5: How do you manage multiple projects with different project members? Do you prefer having the same team for every project? Do you have a #Diverse project team? Are your teams built for #accessibility? #DiversityinAV #AVintheAM

#PMvEng asks Q6: #JacobyRule - How much of your #personalbrand comes into play in your project process? Does it lead to unconscious bias or have u been viewed w/bias because of your public persona? What do u do to improve yourself as an individual? #AVintheAM

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