Looking for your guide to preparing for the CTS credential? I've put together a list of recommended resources and training paths to help you.

Depending on your experience, there are many ways to prepare for the CTS credential.
In fact, if you have many years of experience you might already be ready. Take the FREE sample questions to gauge your preparedness.

If you're not sure where to start, take these courses and modules in this suggested order:

Suggested Online Training

1) Quick Start to the AV Industry Online

2) Essentials of AV Technology Modules:

3) AVIXA-Recognized AV Technologist Test

4) CTS Prep Online Modules:

5) CTS Sample Questions

Check back for more suggestions on how to prepare for CTS and share your tips with your colleagues in this room. Visit to revisit this list anytime!

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Go to the profile of TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I
almost 2 years ago

Thank you @Kelly Smith, for giving this easy to understand roadmap, useful for anyone desirous of attaining their certification goals. A quick tip from me to all who are preparing for their CTS - do reach out to others who may be preparing for their certification for learning collaboratively, or even those already certified to learn from their experience of having gone through the whole process!

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
almost 2 years ago

Good advice @TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I , thanks for sharing. And @Kelly Smith , thanks for posting such an easy-to-follow roadmap.

If you're in pursuit of your CTS and wanting to connect, or if you're a CTS Holder who would like to make yourself available to mentor others, please feel free to start a conversation here in this Room!

@Urmil Vaidhya @Dwaipayan Biswas I know you are very keen on giving tips to candidates and even mentoring someone interested - please feel free to share your tips!

Go to the profile of Urmil Vaidhya
over 1 year ago

Simples my tips for CTS.

1. Follow the Question properly.

2. Don't get hurry to give answers .

3. Flag the Questions in which you get confused.

4. I finished my exam in 1 hour. But take 2 hour to answer flag questions. Utilize full 3 hours of exam.

5. CTS is not only a exam or certification. Its about hows your attitude towards industry and it's practice you want follow.

6. So don't get nervous about exam. If you fails it's not mean you don't know anything. Try again and again. Is still have problem our master Gopal sir is always their to help you.

7. If anything resisting or confusing you from the language point then we have world wide volunteer team who can explain you engineering terms in simple language. 

8. After CTS please use the standard as much as possible. Because for that only we are connected to eachother.

Thank you @Urmil Vaidhya We also have @Satish Villait who passed his CTS exam most recently from India - that too on a public "holi"day - a day no one in Mumbai would dare to venture out and return home without getting all colured ! Happy to hear your experience Satish, for benefit of others who might follow!

Go to the profile of Satish Villait
over 1 year ago

Thanks Gopal !

Go to the profile of Kishore Shyam
3 months ago

Thank you for these tips. I am new here . Trying my best to get my CTS certification and kickstart my career in AV.