Your Pathway to Creating Brand Awareness & Advocacy in the AV Community

You’re interested in building your brand. That’s awesome! Xchange offers exceptional opportunities for you to not only create brand awareness for your company but, by forging authentic relationships with the community, transform that awareness into genuine brand advocacy.

Note: While Xchange offers unique opportunities for you to build your personal brand, this page focuses on building your brand as a Provider. Please explore the Networking Path to learn about growing your presence as an individual.

What we’ve learned from our community members:

  • They perceive Xchange as a key source for consuming AV content.
  • They want to network with peers and potential partners.
  • They are anxious to learn directly from the industry’s leading experts about the latest technology solutions.
  • There is an underlying trust in what is shared and who is sharing it within the community.

What a great opportunity to share your content with an eager audience and connect directly with industry pros and AV users. It’s a natural yet highly effective way to build your brand.

Ready to get started?  Let’s take a quick tour!

We’ve assembled some helpful resources here to get you started. You’ll gain a good understanding of what types of content to share, how to create a post, and more.

Complete Your Profile:

Users are exploring provider profiles! Make sure yours stands out by offering a comprehensive picture of your solutions and services and providing avenues for users to learn more about your company and how to connect. A complete profile will dramatically increase your ability to appear in searches in the AV Provider Directory and across the community. 


Contribute insightful content to inspire and influence users while establishing industry leadership and expertise. Articles, case studies, podcasts, and more will continue to garner views as your library grows.


Interact with the community by sharing your brand’s experience, opinions, and knowledge and by connecting with other thought leaders, influencers, and companies across the AV channel and around the globe. Respond to the community's questions and actively comment on and support their discussions, positioning your company as a go-to resource and helpful partner.  Engagement is powerful and brings life and energy to your story while making that human connection.  


Efficiently monitor the topic and discussion areas pertinent to your brand and manage notifications to be alerted to opportunities for engagement. Review your posts’ performance to assess and adjust your content strategies and maximize your impact.


Here are a few helpful guides for your reference.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions to We’re happy to help!

Xplore the Xchange Academy

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Exhibitor Opportunities

We've assembled a course that will walk you through more advanced skills, illustrating how to strategically leverage Xchange to reach your target audiences, achieve your business goals, and build brand awareness.

Welcome to the AVIXA Xchange Academy!

To access the course, please be signed in as a Provider (Switch Account/company) and click here: Creating Brand Awareness & Advocacy as a Provider

AVIXA Xchange sponsorship opportunities provide unmatched exposure and 
access to a thriving community of industry leaders.

Learn more about showcasing your brand and thought leadership through sponsored branding that establish your company as an industry leader on Xchange!