Begin your journey into the AV industry on AVIXA® Xchange, our digital community for connecting AV professionals! Xchange strives to be the go-to resource in building relationships based on education, collaboration, and business opportunities. A single conversation could be your next direction in AV, so get started by getting involved in the Xchange community! 

Read What People Are Sharing  

One of the first stops you’ll take is exploring our Channels, either in the Sidebar or the Homepage! Channels are where our members regularly share interesting news and updates from across the AV industry, categorized into broad solution areas.  

Look through our available channels and find out what catches your eye. If you like what an author has to say, let them know! Great minds think alike, and getting involved in the community is a great way to leave a positive, lasting impression. 

Have something interesting you’re looking to share with the community? Don’t hesitate to put it in a post! Other Xchange members are also looking to learn from insightful perspectives, so make a post and become a valued contributor! 

Find Your Crowd  

AV spans across a wide range of industries, audiences, and facets across the world. We’re building Xchange as a space that can accommodate these niches, gathering conversations and content into a single, consolidated spot! That’s where Rooms come in, acting as a focal point for the more specific parts of AV. 

Like Channels, Rooms offer the opportunity to share interesting information, but by using content that’s even more fine-tuned to your audience of choice. Trying to learn more about digital signage options within a specific region of the world? Researching IT standards and practices for streaming? Rooms are the space of choice for getting as close to the exact answer as possible. The more you share that addresses a specific question or topic, the more you establish yourself as a knowledgeable source within the community! 

Start a Conversation  

Of course, the best way to get to know the community is to just talk to them! The new Discussions feature makes that easier than ever, allowing you to either join a specific Room’s discussion area or just browse through all the active conversations on Xchange. While you can share content through them, Discussions are focused on talking about a specific topic that can fit into several categories. 

Discussions encourage people to identify conversations or responses they find helpful, noted by how many likes a specific post has garnered. As you become more active in the Xchange community, you may notice your answers getting more likes as people find your engagement helpful, or even enticing! 

Xchange is also the perfect opportunity to connect with others at an event! As AVIXA hosts trade shows across the globe, such as InfoComm or ISE, Discussions can serve as a great way to connect with other event attendees.  

Follow Other Members 

You’ve read interesting articles, gotten to know specific audiences, and met some great people in conversations. So how do you build your network? How do you stay up to date on what those people are up to on Xchange?  The answer is simple: Follow them! Each time you follow someone, you’ll be updated when they make a post, or respond with a comment. You’re also able to adjust your notifications, so you can receive as many (or as few) updates as you’d like to see. 

To get others to follow you, make sure your profile is fully set up! Xchange features the ability to sort through the member list based on information listed on your profile, so keeping your profile updated is important. If you have a portfolio, or professional services you offer, your profile is exactly where those should live! 

On top of following other Xchange members, you’re also able to follow providers, as well! Xchange’s AV Provider Directory makes it easy to search through categories and solution areas, showing relevant companies as filter options are selected.