Making Connections! – Tip #15

Making Connections! – Tip #15

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A community is people with common interests coming together to connect, inspire and educate one another. As the industry’s online community, AVIXA Xchange has members across all aspects of AV; from those using and purchasing solutions to subject matter experts from around the globe with deep expertise in various markets and disciplines. Of the thousands of members on Xchange, how can you find and connect with the individuals that matter to you?

Connecting with people on Xchange is a terrific way to find experts, grow your network, and more. And finding those people on Xchange could not be easier.

You can, of course, visit the Xchange Members Directory by selecting it from the drop down in the upper left.

You can narrow your query by choosing a country or you can use the Search People field on the right. Note how easily you can follow a list of individuals!

Interested in refining your search? Try this!

Type your search term into the main “Search AVIXA Xchange” field at the top of the page. You could enter a title, a company, a term like “digital signage”…anything. Let’s use “Programmer” as an example. You’ll see a sampling of people and content that match your query, but let’s take it a step further.

Select “People” in the lefthand column and voila! You now have access to a host of filter options! Explore those of interest and follow them to be alerted when they share content. You can also click “Start a conversation” to open a one-on-one chat.

Another way to find members you’d like to follow is by simply noting the authors of your favorite content. Authors’ names are displayed in the header and footer of each post and are clickable links to their profiles.

And of course, check out those who are following YOU and return the compliment!

We hope you'll be able to connect with peers, experts and solutions providers here on Xchange. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Xchange Community Chat Room and pose questions in a focused room or in the Q&A.  As always, "start a conversation" with me if I can be of any help and, yes, please give me a Follow!

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