Panel discussion on AV as a Career | Pathway and opportunities for TAFE students


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The panel discussion on AV is a hidden career opportunity for TAFE students studying Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Live Production & Tech Services, or Screen & Media was held at Tech Talks theatre as part of the AVIXA + Integrate education program.

AV leaders from Australia, discussed about the work opportunities and career paths in this $4B industry, and how they align with the student's aspirations in AV.

If you have missed this session, watch the recording here. If you have any questions on AV as a career, feel free to post in this room. 

@Jonathan Seller, CAE , @Michael Broadbent @Max Montanaro 

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Go to the profile of Rich Sasson
8 months ago

Hi Monisha,

   This was a great session.  I am working on a similar initiative in the USA and would like to work with you and the team in Australia to help expand exposure to AV in the marketplace. We have recently created a room for this initiative. AV Education for The Next Generation | AVIXA Xchange.  If you would be so kind as to help me connect with the presenters from the session at Integrate, that would be wonderful.  I am working with AVIXA, BICSI, CEDIA, NSCA, and schools such as Pace University, Houston Community College, Lincoln Technical Institute, Warren High School (state of California approved Audio-Visual curriculum), Sheffield Audio Institute, and The Loop Lab, along with companies such as Crestron Electronics, Dish Networks, Microsoft, and more to help foster audio-visual industry training for the next generation of professionals.

Globally, we are over a $300 Billion industry with the expectation of growing to $400 Billion in the next ten years. The more we connect the various initiatives, the more we can impact and reach the next generation of professionals.

@Jonathan Seller, CAE 

Go to the profile of Jonathan Seller, CAE
8 months ago

Hi Rich, thanks for your kind comments about the session. Like you we have also created a room  on the Xchange for our local workforce development efforts. It's called AV Careers in Australia We have built it as a resource centre for IT and Live Production Students who are in Certificate and Diploma level tertiary courses at our State Bases Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Colleges.  I'll put you in touch with the presenters by email.

Go to the profile of Rich Sasson
8 months ago

Thank you for your quick response. I look forward to the introductions to the various members on the panel.

All the best

Go to the profile of Monisha Devaiah
8 months ago

Hi @Rich Sasson , Thanks for watching the recording and for your comments. Very happy to hear and note the commitment that business leaders like yourself are making towards developing the next generation of AV talent.