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"Teaching my skills and my knowledge, sharing my experience with other people, is an unmatchable feeling I don't want to miss again. And, however, to teach or instruct others in our field, you always find new questions and a new point of view. You should never stop learning!"
I'm very involved in the AV/IT convergence, specialised in digital video and in IT networks. Since 2010 member of the CTS technical committee and also lecturer in private and governmental universities of applied science in Germany.

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Replying to Stuart Weiser

A similar proportion expects their organization to embrace the metaverse when the time is right.

Important that the statement above is included in the report. I am optimistic about what can be done in the metaverse, but believe we are a long time away from delivering quality experiences, and the ubiquity needed for corporate adoption beyond niche use.

How true!

Current figures show that there are probably more investors than actual users at the moment. And investors are also enquiring more and more intensively at Meta, for which almost US$ 15 billion were burnt in the Metaverse area.

Ich versuche mal nicht zu viel Salz in die Suppe zu streuen...
Aber, ich habe früher (bis vor vier Jahren) schon mehrere dieser Touren in Orlando und Las Vegas mitgemacht. Waren (fast) ohne Ausnahme super und meist sehr informativ! Nur haben diese Touren 'damals' 99 bzw. 149 US$ gekostet, jetzt kostet jede einzelne 299 US$ ...
Für mich nicht mehr interessant und möglicherweise der Grund, warum ca. vier Wochen davor noch ALLE Touren aktuell verfügbar sind, war früher nämlich nicht so.
Jeder muss selbst entscheiden ob einem das Wert ist!