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ICT Consultant, Syska Hennessy

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Co-Chair Rising AV Professionals Council

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CTS-D-certified Audiovisual Consultant with over 10 years in the industry. 

Talk to me about climbing, soccer, fitness, and environmentalism.  I guess probably AV too.

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Architecture/ Engineering


Consulting Design Engineering


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Comment on No Shave November

Thanks for sharing your fundraising efforts with the community, @Stephen Ahlgrim, CTS-D. I'm thankful to hear of your colleague's remission - that's wonderful. Checking out your page now....

Thank you, Lisa!  I sincerely appreciate your support!  Glad the Xchange can be a platform to help others!

Hi Mark.  Great question.  If you're at AVIXA, you're already headed the right direction.

Here's a link to the "Explore AV Careers" tool on our AVIXA page.  You can filter by what kind industry you'd be interested, what kind of roles you might want to work in, or even look at your strongest skills and find what might suit you best.

AVIXA courses and trainings are great.  There's a ton of resources here.  My suggestion is to complement formal training with informal mentorship.  This formal training will sink in a lot faster if you have somebody to bounce ideas off of.  Whether it's someone on our Exchange platform, or a colleague, mentorship is heavily relied on in the AV industry.  It's how most of us learned.

The Rising AV Professionals Council published "The First 90 Days" document that is like a getting started for AV professionals, including some good publications to start reading.  @Gregory Rushton are you able to send him a link to download the PDF?