No Shave November

Thank you for your support and donations.
No Shave November

My firm, Syska Hennessy Group is again supporting #noshavenovember.
We put away the razor this November to raise funds to support City of Hope and the mission to support Prostate Cancer research and therapies.

This year is a little more personal.
A colleague in our Chicago office was diagnosed this year with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and thanks to the cutting edge science and technologies that these donations support, he was able to receive the life saving treatment that he required to finally enter remission.
Here in Chicago, we are personally thankful for the power that these kinds of fundraisers can have, and have with us proof of their worthy cause.

Thank you for your donations and support. If you'll stand with us to fight this out, maybe none of you have to see this mustache next year.

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Thanks for sharing your fundraising efforts with the community, @Stephen Ahlgrim, CTS-D. I'm thankful to hear of your colleague's remission - that's wonderful. Checking out your page now....

Go to the profile of Stephen Ahlgrim, CTS-D
4 months ago

Thank you, Lisa!  I sincerely appreciate your support!  Glad the Xchange can be a platform to help others!

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3 months ago

People for people