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Helping lead the charge of AVIXA's research efforts into the trends and opportunities in the pro AV industry. When not digging into data, speaking and writing about the trends, or discussing where to focus our research efforts next, I enjoy spending time outdoors on walks, hikes or fishing adventures. Though I also have a soft spot for consuming AV content in my DIY home theater, thanks to a love for good audio I get honest from my Dad! 

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Apr 23, 2024

For those looking for additional data on salary and compensation rates for AV Professionals, check out AVIXA's research on the topic here. It includes a salary dashboard for benchmarking specific roles and experience levels. 

Sep 01, 2022

Interesting to note that this same day the stock market pulled back pretty massively. While more jobs may seem to be great news for employees, it can create more concerns over the rising labor costs to employers and possible long-term impacts to productivity. What's your take there, Peter?

Mar 01, 2022
Replying to Amanda Boyer

In the Live Events space, we are highly susceptible to government mandates, comfort of people and the current varient. We are seeing short turn around times, out of control labor prices with a lower supply of qualified labor resources and confusion by clients on what they need to put on their event in the new climate. I am very interested in any data you might have to show any trends or insights on where events are going.

Hey Amanda -- overall our AV business index data from just the live events segment of pro AV does show a shift back towards growth. It is very slight though and likely has a great deal of local variance, with some of the more cautious cities and states still struggling a bit to find clientele who are fully ready to resume in-person events. Others are back to more business as usual. As federal guidance relaxes in response to improvements in the pandemic metrics (witness the recent adjustments by the CDC) and individuals become more comfortable with those changes, we expect the pattern of resumed growth to be more widespread and so push our index up further in the process. In this environment that's all great but it doesn't help the individual company who faces ongoing challenges, other than to provide reassurance the current situation is still likely to change for the better. I know we are optimistic as we continue watching the data we have!

Feb 18, 2022

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