Narin Nara

Producer, Digital Media, AVIXA
Minal Papalkar

Pre-Sales Engineer, Panacor Technologies LLC

18+ years of rich experience in Corporate, Home Automation Industry in UAE and India. Expert in providing commercial solutions to the clients. 

Alejandro Zilberstein

Global Marketing Manager, ICAP Global Argentina

Alberto Vasquez

President, Eleven Producciones SAS

Noreen Esson

Project Manager, AVI-SPL Canada

Tomas Corro

Project Manager AV, Integrador Multimedia SAC

Hanane Abdalla

Audience Engagement Manager, AVIXA

Where audiovisual tech, business & foodie fascinations converge. 

Carey Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist , AVIXA

Harrison Radie

Director Global Industry Engagement, AVIXA

Chuck Espinoza

Instructor, AVIXA

Maxe Axelsson

CEO, EdTech Studios

I'm the CEO of EdTech Studios, my background coming from

Samantha Minish

VP of Content Delivery, AVIXA

Digital media maven that's focused on delivering experiences that put users first. Lover of nature, shoes, wine, and tacos. Mom of 2 humans and 2 doggos that love attending my virtual meetings.

Krystle Murphy

Communications Manager, AVIXA

Sheyla Ynope

Marketing manager, LED DREAM

Patty Wanzer

President, Synigize llc



Dawn Meade

Senior AV Architect / Project Manager, Northrop Grumman

Krasimir Peykovski

Marketing & Communications, SpinetiX

Bruce Bickley

AVM Technologist , New York University

Annie Thuy Tran

Project Manager, Vega Global