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Ready to transform your business communication and productivity? At Cocine AV, we leverage 15 years of expertise in audio-visual technology and a decade of Life Coaching to empower businesses to navigate technology confidently and efficiently. Our mission is to create seamless solutions that enhance productivity, reduce stress, and allow you and your team to focus on what truly matters: your business.

Why Choose Cocine AV?

With extensive training, key supplier partnerships, and strong peer relationships, we deliver cutting-edge solutions for:

·         Poor Acoustics

·         MS Teams Integration

·         Office Automation

·         Building Automation

·         PBX and Unified Communications

But we go beyond AV. Partnering with Shadowmatch, we ensure you onboard the right talent, maintain a documented skills register, coach and mentor employees, resolve workplace conflicts, and develop comprehensive employee development plans.

The Cocine AV Advantage

Our holistic approach merges AV and IT, recognizing the critical role of effective communication in both fields. Shadowmatch complements our AV solutions by enhancing communication and streamlining employee integration, significantly reducing onboarding time from months to weeks. It also provides invaluable insights for employee restructuring and performance management, ensuring your team operates efficiently.

Why Shadowmatch?

·         Accelerated Onboarding:   Reduce the settling-in period to a week or two.

·         Effective Restructuring:   Seamlessly reassign employees to better-suited roles.

·         Performance Tracking:   Maintain clear records and proof of employee progress and decisions.

Our Commitment

At Cocine AV, we don’t just supply top-notch equipment and software; we listen to your needs, address your concerns, and provide tailored support and education to implement the perfect solution for your business. Our journey began with whiteboards, pinboards, and projection screens, evolving into a comprehensive service across Corporate AV, Voice Evacuation, and Unified Communications.


Certified in an extensive range of products and peripherals, we draw on over 500 years of combined supplier experience to deliver expert advice and unparalleled solutions. 

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