Audio Visual Support , TECHNOQ
Greg Bronson CTS-D

Technical Advisor, AVIXA

Currently in my role as Technical Advisor for AVIXA I lead a technical editing role for the next edition of the CTS-D Exam Guide and our extensive technical training content (both new and existing).

My interests span the broad spectrum of AV/IT technologies and systems our industry provides.  Prior to taking a staff role with AVIXA I worked supporting AV/IT solutions for both public and private education as a "Technology Manager" (roles including repair, installation, design and project management) as well as a longtime volunteer for AVIXA education and standards programs.

Sarah Joyce

Chief Global Officer, AVIXA

Matt Bercot

Member Services, AVIXA

Ben Barnard

Regional Manager, UK & Ireland, AVIXA

Get in touch for anything related to AVIXA in the UK & Ireland - we're here to help and waiting to hear from you!

Krasimir Peykovski

Marketing & Communications, SpinetiX

Manoj Kumar K

Account Manager -India,GCC, AVIXA

Passionate in identifying and delivering the right resource to our members in the Pro-AV market from India & GCC countries to achieve their goals in Education , Certification, Standards and Market Research so they better utilise them for the development of their businesses.

Monisha Devaiah

Marketing Manager -APAC, AVIXA

I lead AVIXA’s APAC marketing and communications initiatives, which include member communication, vertical market events, educational programmes and AVIXA’s brand presence at the association’s trade shows in the region.

I look forward to making new connections on the Xchange and leverage digital as a medium to offer value to members and support the association’s commitment of being a hub for AV in the region.


Satish Villait

Director, Bitsy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Bitsy Displays delivers premium electronic audio-video solutions such as Pitch LED's, LCD Videowalls, Transparent Displays & other display solutions giving mesmerizing appeal to Customer Experience Zones, Command Operations Centers, Hotel Lobbies, Meeting Boardrooms, Auditoriums, etc.

Our tagline "Innovations with Audio-Video " embodies our mission to provide world-class Audio-Video solutions, enhanced with high-end technology.

Established in 1994, Bitsy Displays is run by the team led by me.

Being the Director of the Company, other than looking after the smooth running of Bitsy, I play a major role into :
-Strategy Planning
-Annual Plans
-Improving Productivity

Joé Lloyd

Senior Director, Communications, AVIXA

Kelly Smith

Marketing Manager, US/Canada, AVIXA

Hi! I help connect people to AV education, standards and more resources from AVIXA.

I am an expert in finding resources to help you meet your training and certification prep needs to help you reach your goals.

Doru Meltei

Principal Media Technology Design Engineer, Carnegie Mellon University Qatar

Venkatesh Baskaran

Division Manager , Nexus Smart systems

Program management professional with over fifteen years of increasing responsibility
 directing managing people, systems, project and program management, implementation of
 technology increase the efficiency of business processes, and work performance analyses.
 Key driver in creating best cost structure through efficiency and optimization.

Presently as Country Manager, AVIXA for India and GCC, I do aspire to support the AV & IT industry with  access to the resources that are most beneficial to the businesses and professional outcomes.

My focus will be to bring to the AV/IT community in the region, knowledge and skill development through AVIXA Education, Certification and Training Resources. I look forward to work closely with allied associations, industry groups and professional society in the region with a similar focus.

And my areas of interest and learning are indeed the Emerging Technologies (what we know as AI, Metaverse, Cloud, Industry 4.0, and the likes) and how they impact what we do in our professional and personal lives as Humans!

Do feel free to reach out to me.