Angie Toussaint Billingsly (She/Her)

CEO , KMT Technical Services

About Angie Toussaint Billingsly

Hi y'all!

I'm Angie and I am the Founder/CEO of KMT Technical Digital Technology Services.  We previously did live events, predominantly business (corporate variety) in addition to integrations services. We recently did a hard pivot and are now exclusively AV Consultants AND Integrators. Some of our projects include Houses of Worship, boutique Hotels, government entities and other similar venues.

Me...well that's another story! I'm an Ivy League graduate, wife and mom with many interests outside of technology. I come with an off beat sense of humor, coupled with a hint of sarcasm, and a strong dedication to family and community.  Basically I'm pretty fun once you get to really me. I'm looking forward to meeting (virtually) many of you, in addition to engaging and sharing.

I'm always open to discussions on collaborating!

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AV/IT Integration Business Consulting Distributor


AV Management Business Development Consulting Customer Service Executive Office/Owner Human Resources Project Management



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