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Sep 11, 2023
Replying to Joé Lloyd

Thanks! If we need to start with the platform first, are there any tips and tricks that you would recommend for starting that process - what are the important key factors to look for?

Most importantly, companies need to work with their AV Partners to determine their communication objectives by audience (internal and external) and how that content is gets contributed. 

If a company needs real-time productivity data for some resources, safety information for others, video walls for visitors, and HR information for all then it needs a platform that can support all of those objectives. And target content to the right digital signage at the right time.

Only planning for one use case may lead to selecting a platform that isn't scalable and will be more expensive in the long-term with multiple platforms or expensive custom work later on.

Sep 08, 2023
Replying to Joé Lloyd

Thanks for sharing! Who is doing this in the real world, and how much happier are employees with this kind of real-time data to peruse on their daily treks around the office?

Many Korbyt customers are using pieces of smart digital signage. Real-time integrations, interactivity, analytics, and machine learning. Those that are most successful in driving employee engagement are putting all of the pieces together. Ensuring data is collected on engagement, integrating the ecosystem so content is shown based on real-time data, and using machine learning to drive continuous improvement. 

When employees start asking to contribute to digital signage, that's a great sign it's really hitting the mark!