Why Posting Matters – Tip #24

Why Posting Matters – Tip #24

AVIXA Xchange is YOUR community. Whether you’re an AV Buyer or end-user, a solutions/service provider or a manufacturer, an AV newbie or seasoned Pro, your community wants to hear from you. Posting is your means of connecting with other community members to gain trust, build relationships and grow your knowledge base.

Discover and be discovered

Taking an active role will connect you with those you can help, and those who can help you. Your contributions can influence and inspire potential customers, employees, partners, and peers.  Likewise, you can gain valuable industry insights and a deeper understanding of topics, trends, and issues that are of importance to you.

Whether posting as an individual or as a company, contributing content enables you to…

  • Reach a fresh, eager audience through highly focused channels and rooms
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Earn Followers
  • Connect with members who have liked or commented on your post
  • Discover and engage members by asking questions and challenging points of view
  • Create earned media opportunities and connect with influencers
  • Gain exponential exposure as your content is shared across others’ social networks
  • Build a library of resources that contributes to discoverability when searches are performed
  • Seize your place at the table, adding your voice to a trusted, vetted ProAV community
  • Be viewed as helpful and generous, a trusted resource bringing value to the community by sharing others’ content
  • Monitor “My Analytics” to determine what topics and types of content are resonating

Influence and inspire

For service or solutions providers, posting puts you front and center as end users and AV Buyers are exploring what’s possible through case studies and insightful articles on trends and emerging technologies. Consistently sharing problem-solving use cases and tips on how to ensure successful outcomes for their upcoming project will position you as the go-to authority and keep you top-of-mind when someone is ready to start a project.

Need a little inspiration?

Here are examples of different types of posts for you to consider:

Be part of the community. Be the resource.

We’re anxious to learn what you have to share!

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