Unveiling ASKA3D: Elevating Tourist Experience!

"Discover the Future of Tourist Information Center" At ASKA3D, we are excited to share a success story that showcases the transformative power of our technology in collaboration with our esteemed client, Koriyama City in Japan.
Unveiling ASKA3D: Elevating Tourist Experience!

Customer Interview: Aiming to be a "Tourist Information Center that becomes a Destination"

We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Horibe from the Koriyama City Tourism Association and Mr. Soeda from the Tourism Section, Industry and Tourism Department at Koriyama City Hall, shedding light on their experience with ASKA3D.

The Challenge: Transforming the Tourist Information Center

In their pursuit of creating a "new tourist information center," Koriyama City faced the challenge of making the center a destination in itself. They wanted an exhibit that would not only be a visual spectacle but also initiate meaningful conversations with visitors, providing a unique experience that reflects the essence of Koriyama.

The Solution: ASKA3D Holographic Display

The ASKA3D holographic display became the perfect method for Koriyama City to gather and introduce "experiences that can only be had here." The large LCD screen and interlinked holographic display at the tourist information center now serve as conversation starters, bridging the gap between travelers and digital information.

Success and Recognition

Since the introduction of ASKA3D, Koriyama City has received extensive coverage from TV stations and news companies. Visitors and announcers alike have expressed awe and excitement, creating a buzz around the "new tourist information center."

Installed Products: Holographic Display KC-420G

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