About Asukanet Co., Ltd.

Asukanet is a Japanese manufacturer of a special optical plate called "ASKA3D plate". With ASKA3D plate, you can display images of objects in mid-air. (Holographic images) Combined with a sensor, it enables you to manipulate holographic images.

Established in 1995. In 2005, we were listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth, and in 2011, we obtained patent application and started R&D for holographic display techonlogy.

As of today, we provided a large number of plates for various industries and applications, such as restaurant, elevator, hotel, event, tourism, digital signage, and more. Learn more at https://aska3d.com/en/index.html

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Digital Signage

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Banking/Finance Corporate Education Govt/Military Hospitality/Gaming Media & Entertainment Retail/E-commerce Venues/Events


Central Asia East Asia Europe GCC Latin America Middle East/ Africa North America Oceania South Asia

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