The Rise of Smart Digital Signage: Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to Internal Communications

While marketing teams have had complex product recommendation engines for years, Smart Digital Signage like Korbyt’s Machine Learning Broadcast empowers everyday communicators with cutting-edge cluster-based data mining algorithms, delivering powerful content recommendations in the same way.
The Rise of Smart Digital Signage: Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to Internal Communications

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Dynamic Content: The Key to Captivating Audiences with Smart Digital Signage

Dynamic content lies at the heart of smart digital signage, playing a pivotal role in captivating audiences and delivering impactful messages. Unlike traditional digital signage, which is dependent on an individual to create and schedule content that is served to everyone who passes the screen, dynamic content can be updated and adapted in real-time. It offers organizations the ability to deliver targeted messages to their audience with precision based on analytics of past engagement, data integrations, and interactivity.

Measuring Success: Analyzing ROI and Analytics in Smart Digital Signage

One of the challenges with traditional employee communications is the difficulty in accurately measuring engagement. Traditional employee communications are dependent on manual feedback via surveys or anecdotal conversations to measure effectiveness.

Smart digital signage offers a solution to the challenges of measuring marketing success by providing detailed analytics and metrics. Through advanced software and data collection tools such as optic sensors, communicators can gather comprehensive data on behavior in order to make informed decisions about what content to show more often. Or even more importantly, what content isn’t engaging the audience.

By leveraging the technology’s capabilities, businesses can measure metrics such as the number of impressions, interactions, dwell time (the length of time viewers spend engaging with the signage), and conversion rates. By analyzing the collected data, communicators can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in their content.

Korbyt Machine Learning Broadcast

Adapting in Real-Time: Using Data Integrations to Drive Digital Signage

By integrating your content management system with multiple data sources, communicators can ensure content remains relevant regardless of circumstances. Past performance is one indicator of what content will be relevant but everything from productivity data in a warehouse to changes in the weather can impact the effectiveness of content. Automating digital signage based on all the relevant information will help ensure the right content appears at the right time with limited manual intervention.

Empowering the Audience: Interactivity that Allows the User to Drive the Experience

Interactive experiences ranging from simple touch to more complex gesture recognition will empower the audience to see the content that interests them. By allowing employees to actively engage with the signage, businesses can create a sense of involvement, satisfaction, and empowerment.

A well-executed smart digital signage campaign not only captures attention in the moment but also leaves a lasting positive impression that influences brand perception and productivity. When employees have a memorable and engaging experience, they are more likely to share their experience and become internal champions.

Propelling Success with the Brilliance of Smart Digital Signage

Smart digital signage is revolutionizing business communication and engagement. Solutions like Korbyt’s Machine Learning Broadcast allow internal communicators to focus on creating content while allowing the software to automate content based on multiple data sources. By embracing this technology, businesses can enhance employee experiences and drive mission critical business outcomes.

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Go to the profile of Joé Lloyd
10 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Who is doing this in the real world, and how much happier are employees with this kind of real-time data to peruse on their daily treks around the office?

Go to the profile of Andrew Gildin
10 months ago

Many Korbyt customers are using pieces of smart digital signage. Real-time integrations, interactivity, analytics, and machine learning. Those that are most successful in driving employee engagement are putting all of the pieces together. Ensuring data is collected on engagement, integrating the ecosystem so content is shown based on real-time data, and using machine learning to drive continuous improvement. 

When employees start asking to contribute to digital signage, that's a great sign it's really hitting the mark!