How far are we along with 3D hologram video conferencing?

Google announced 'Project Starline' at it's 2021 I/O event, Microsoft (Mesh) and PORTL have also been busy in this space.
How far are we along with 3D hologram video conferencing?

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As well as cost of the gear needed on each side and the network speed requirements for such calls, I hear murerings and chatter folks working on 'exciting things' the UC space around immersive experiences. I hope to see more in 2022 and if things have further developed in attainblity. Check out this article and video from the Google I/O event Google reveals 3D video chat with Project Starline - Video - CNET 

Although talked a lot about at CES 2022 , PORTL was used at the AV Experience Zone during the ISE Barcelona Regional Event in June 2021. @Yoav Slimobich 

If you have not seen it yet, here is Microsoft Mesh 

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about 2 years ago

I recently posted an article on LinkedIn about how Musion and AJA create "Lifelike interactive holograms" for large events. Here's an excerpt from the original article on AV Network.

"The proliferation of advanced imaging technologies has increased accessibility to lifelike 3D holograms for wider audiences in recent years, with applications spanning entertainment, live event, corporate marketing, and education markets. Among the innovators accelerating the industry, Musion Group has trailblazed the development of hyperreal, interactive holograms using high-end imaging and cinematic technologies since 2008."