Stackable 'holobricks' can make giant 3D images

Researchers have developed a new method to display highly realistic holographic images using 'holobricks' that can be stacked together to generate large-scale holograms.
Stackable 'holobricks' can make giant 3D images

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Disney Research have developed a holobrick proof-of-concept, which can tile holograms together to form a large seamless 3-D image. 

'As technology develops, people want high-quality visual experiences, from 2-D high resolution TV to 3-D holographic augmented or virtual reality, and large true 3-D displays. These displays need to support a significant amount of data flow: for a 2-D full HD display, the information data rate is about three gigabits per second (Gb/s), but a 3-D display of the same resolution would require a rate of three terabits per second, which is not yet available.' -

If you are interested in the science behind this, see this artical on's Light: Science & Applications 

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