Copywriting Tips

CopyBlogger article shares insights on writing.
Copywriting Tips

I remembering hearing that a goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds ... and humans only have 8 seconds.

If you work in marketing, that presents a challenge. Your audience is distracted before you even try to get in front of them. 

Check out some tips from CopyBlogger on How to Be a Copywriter (The Sneaky Trick You Must Learn). I liked the idea of keeping your ads simple and being clear on what you are asking someone to do. 

How are you are working to get -- and keep --the attention of your audience? 

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Go to the profile of Monisha Devaiah
2 months ago

Great tips @Nicole Verardi ! Thanks for sharing.

Go to the profile of Joey Davis
2 months ago

A tried and true technique is to share a relevant but short experience to grab the readers' attention before tying it in with whatever point you are making. EX: "I once sent an email campaign with a truly bland subject line. I believed people would open it anyway because of the company's reputation and previous open rates. Boy, was I wrong! The open rates on the send tanked our monthly average. Lesson learned! So here's why taking a few extra minutes to write a compelling subject line is imperative."

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu
about 2 months ago

Wonderful article @Nicole Verardi I have found that using anecdotes, metaphors, and similes can help grasp people's attention and make certain concepts easier to understand. Relating topics to other universally well-known aspects can help especially when you're trying to inform as well as entertain. Including a call to action can be so important too as mentioned in the article you shared!  

Go to the profile of Martin Vallo
about 2 months ago

Very shortly into reading anything, the question gets asked, what is in it for me? 

If you answer this for the reader, you have a good copy on your hands, as they will continue to read. Great article, some handy tips and tricks, thanks.

Go to the profile of Mike Brandes
17 days ago

Thanks for sharing this article - very helpful.