"Big Boy Pants" via Higher Ed AV

It needed to be said. I said it... In this month's "Business of AV" column for Higher Ed AV, I discuss why it's important that we all support AVIXA, our industry trade org, and how it's harmful when we don't...
"Big Boy Pants" via Higher Ed AV

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"Big Boy Pants" by Joe Way via Higher Ed AV

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and AVIXA bashing. The first is inescapable; I hear the statistics on death are 100%. The second? You can try avoiding taxes, but the IRS will eventually catch up to you. However, AVIXA bashing is completely meaningless, serves no purpose, and comes across as childish and unprofessional. Yet, it runs rampant across the socials and behind the scenes. It is time for the AV-industry to put on our big boy pants and realize that we when we attack our own official trade organization, the only people we hurt are ourselves. More than that, when we attack AVIXA, we are not attacking some faceless organization, we are attacking real people, with real lives, and real feelings, who are just trying to do right by their jobs and the people they are charged with representing: you. ...

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almost 2 years ago

Thanks Joe - We so appreciate the opportunity hear from and engage in al types constructive of feedback. Bring on the comments and let's have a conversation!