Summer Install Plans: People on the Street via Higher Ed AV

ICYMI: In last month's Higher Ed AV "People on the Street, Presented by Crestron" column, we asked our Higher Ed peeps what their summer install plans are. Is this indicative of the AV-industry? Check it out:
Summer Install Plans: People on the Street via Higher Ed AV

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People on the Street, Presented by Crestron (via Higher Ed AV):
“What are your summer install plans?”

BC Hatchett, Vanderbilt University: I’m going to be looking pictures of past installs and remembering the good old days when you could get equipment in on time.

Chris Dechter, University of Wyoming: 2022: The Summer of Deferred Maintenance.

Craig Shibley, California Baptist University: My people on the street, and it coincides with my checkmyav article; My summer to do list is to go over all of the rushed COVID-related projects of the last two summers. Go over bandages with permanent fixes and make all installs aesthetically pleasing.

Dwayne Smith, Old Dominion University: Summer plans – Life cycle classroom technology is about 30 classrooms (we are going to do this in-house to save money), We have a few capital projects coming this summer which will be pretty crazy with the equipment shortage. Have already set aside older DMPS units to help get those projects going since we won’t have the new ones here in time. It’s very hard to believe that summer is just about a month away.

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