AVIXA Foundation Scholarship

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AVIXA Foundation Scholarship

The AVIXA Foundation is honored to invite AV students and emerging professionals in secondary, undergraduate, and graduate programs pursuing education in the AV Industry to apply for scholarships!

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Great news that the AVIXA Foundation is offering scholarships to students and emerging professionals who are pursuing education in the AV Industry. These scholarships provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals to further their education and skills in this growing field.

The AV Industry encompasses a broad range of fields, from audio and video production to installation and management of AV systems. With the increasing demand for AV technology in various industries, there is a growing need for skilled professionals in this field.

Scholarships can provide financial assistance to help students and emerging professionals achieve their academic and career goals. They can also help to promote diversity and inclusion in the AV industry by providing opportunities to individuals from underrepresented groups.

Thank you @Cristiano Mazza for spreading the word, and the AVIXA Foundation's scholarship program for this great initiative that can help to support the next generation of AV professionals and contribute to the continued growth and development of the industry.