AV Marketers Meetup | InfoComm Asia 2023

Recap of the AV Marketers Meetup at InfoComm Asia
AV Marketers Meetup | InfoComm Asia 2023

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On 25 May, a group of marketers representing a spectrum of AV companies in the South East Asian region met at the AVIXA booth, InfoComm Asia show for a freewheeling discussion on marketing trends and insights that can help marketers as we navigate business cycles and fulfill our role as enablers of business growth.

The topic centered on the marketing strategies they would like to continue with and also new trends/tools that they are likely to embrace and implement in next few years. 

Here is a quick re-cap of the discussion:

  • The group was in favor of returning to in -person events and they all strongly believe that in-person events are essential to build the brand connect and keep the conversations going. 
  • With increased focus on performance marketing, the need to manage leads, from various touchpoints, like tradeshows, is considered a high priority. The buzz word for that is 'discipline'. The discipline to capture, track and follow through the customer acquisition journey and see it to resulting in higher MQLs. 
  • Disruptive tech like ChatGpt and other Ai tools were a discussion point as well with examples of use cases in marketing. A few marketers in the group felt that Ai will only enable marketers and make us more efficient rather than replacing the wealth of knowledge and experience that marketers bring on board. 
  • Another interesting topic was on cases studies and how they are essential to creating a credible medium to showcase company's solutions and achievements. A team of marketers from the same company shared best practices on how they manage to keep their teams motivated to create and provide case studies and also encourage partners to share their stories. 
  • Story telling through videos and case studies have become an integral part of our B2B marketing strategy and the encouraging engagement numbers are only fueling this trend further.
  • The group did feel that approaches like Influencer marketing in B2B business does not have many takers like in the case of B2C brands, as we all continue to build a host of credible sources and advocates.

In summary, the marketers opined that technology and newer engagement models are here to make a marketers job efficient and focused.

Special thanks to all the marketing professionals who took time out of their busy tradeshow duties to participate in a small, yet enlightening discussion. 

Follow the conversation and if there's something you would like to add on what marketing trends are going to gain popularity in the AV space, drop in your comments.


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Go to the profile of Franciele Mesadri - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Great summary @Monisha Devaiah! In fact, while AI has the potential to transform the marketing industry, I believe the technology is not here to replace human marketers. Instead, AI and ML can optimize and streamline current marketing approaches such as repetitive tasks management, for example, allowing their human team members to focus on what they are best at and at the same time provide great insights to develop creative campaigns that engage more customers than ever before.