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Greetings, Xchange Community! 

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Xchange! Conversations are now Discussions and provide community-wide engagement! 

Why is this such an exciting update? 

You can now easily reach the entire community when starting a discussion and see all discussions regardless of which room they were shared in. 

You can start a discussion while in a Room or from anywhere using the new Discussions feature. 

Select a discussion type when starting your discussion or filter to quickly navigate to relevant topics of interest. Choose from headings such as: 

  • Announcement 
  • Ask the Community 
  • AV Education/CTS Advice 
  • New Tech & Trends 
  • Career Connections 
  • …and more! 

You’ll also enjoy some user-friendly updates such as @mentioning other members in a discussion or its thread (alerting them to the tag while allowing others to quickly click to their profile and connect!), adding links, images, and embedded videos, and the highly-request “Liking” a comment! 

And, not to worry, all previous conversations are being converted to Discussions and are still accessible. 

What you need to do! 

Update your notifications to ensure you’re notified of new Discussions in your area of interest.   

Follow these simple steps! 

Discussions Home 

We continuously work to improve Xchange and hope you enjoy this new feature. Thank you for sharing your feedback and being a member of the community.  

Have feedback for us about Xchange? Let us know in the link below! 

Provide Feedback 

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Go to the profile of Md sadek Hossain
5 months ago

Yes rights discuss  

Everything can be solved through discussion