Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA

Manager, Digital Communities, AVIXA
Edwin Gabriel Poyon Solares

Jefe de Soporte tecnico, SISTASA

Chris Fletcher

Owner, Elite Sight and Sound

Tim Karman

Director of Installation, Service Solutions

Brent Solheim

Audio Video Technician, Self-Employed

Josh Norberto

Manager of Classroom Technology, Saint Michael's College

John Espitia

Studio technical manager, Vivo Gaming

Tyler Derryberry

Videographer, Snakemark Media

Stephens Sockol

owner, Kindsound

Mohammed Fahad Younus

Collaboration Team Leader, Frontline Business Solutions

Edgar Parra

Senior Installation Technician, One Diversified

Simon Papukyan

Research Scientist, Ayben Engineering

Alex Kochy

AV Sales Operations, EVOTEK, Inc.

Guillermo Martinez

Post Sales Solutions Specialist, Ricoh Mexicana

Shihab Np

Technician , Panacor Technologies

Since its creation in 2003 ADAPTOR has supplied the best products to companies and organizations in Chile, starting with telephony terminals and headsets, to gradually incorporate thanks to its high standards of service, more sophisticated technologies such as videoconferencing in 2010, wifi in 2012, videowall in 2017, and automation in 2018. Nowadays we can provide AV solutions as customers requires. We have exclusively selected recognized manufacturers in their respective industries such as Poly, Logitech, Lenovo and others that guarantee products with a high level of quality, optimal technical support, and high degree of innovation. We are an integrator that brings the most advanced solutions in Communication, Collaboration and Connectivity. Trust us with your projects and you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the results.
Claudio Ojeda

Tecfnology manager, Adaptor Chile

Raymundo Macaraya

Classroom and Collaboration Analyst, KAUST

Maximo Hirgy De la cruz Hernandez

Técnico en instalaciones y servicios , Pro aKustics

Jonathan Beals

Audiovisual Technician, Boston Light & Sound, Inc.

Arturo Mancilla

Gerente Comercial , S Servicios Audio y Espectaculos