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The Kiosk Association comprises companies involved in self-service, digital signage, digital menus, outdoor technology, kiosks, point-of-sale, smart city, thin client, EV charging and retail automation. Craig Keefner is the managing editor for all.  Sponsors include  Email



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Cosmopolitan Hotel Lobby Case Study - Digital Signage

As one of the top resorts in Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan needed an upgraded digital signage management platform for its iconic lobby pillar displays and other signage throughout its location in Las Vegas.

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Peerless-AV does such a great job of documenting projects.  I'll post this out on my sites.  Nice job Rachael!

Replying to HDBaseT Alliance

@Kiosk Manufacturer Association  would love to know the full equipment list in this great case study if possible!

That can be arranged.  Just send an email with your company and contact info along with request to and I will forward onto appropriate people to respond.  It's definitely an impressive project and I wouldn't mind knowing how much of it was LG and/or Samsung (both sponsors for KMA).

Even if you are not traveling, multilingual self-order for fast food is terrific for many in the U.S. -- I still wonder with all the talk about AI and machine learning, the drive thrus still do not truly accommodate multi-lingual display or audio ordering

Replying to Joé Lloyd

What a really fantastic case study in the do's/don'ts and how to think about measurement and ROI.

It's becoming a must-have. I was surprised to see the ROAS by Volta and the calculated effect of 1 billion impressions for the EV charging stations in the retail brick-and-mortar space.  I haven't yet seen the ROI model for the "just walk out" Lidar-based shopping experiences.

Next feature is look at displays and how they help retail/public-facing customers. Stuart Armstrong of AAG and Pete Thompson of Imageholders were interviewed.

Managed to get them in the press cycle for sure.  Samsung and Ross Video. One overlooked credential is "how many times have you had to deal with catastrophic failure".  One of my interview questions for would-be sys admins was "how many times have your systems been cracked or hacked?"  If they answered boldly "never" then I knew they were inexperienced, ignorant or combination of both. Any sysadmin with experience has been hacked.

With the stadium display I think the biggest complaint was people didn't know what the score was or the downs. Makes you wonder how we managed all the many years before going to a stadium to "watch the game".

I should add that ANSI has an Electric Vehicles Standards Panel starting up. The KMA is a participating sponsor/member and on the working groups as well.  Here is all the information or you can contact me.  NEVI releases $6B in funding this year (and subsequent years). Bit of a gold rush. --