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I manage an association comprised of digital kiosks manufacturers, digital signage software and hardware, digital credentialing and more. Members include LG, Intel, Panasonic, Samsung, Peerless-AV, Nanonation, Olea Kiosks, Kiosk Information Systems, 22 Miles and many more.  We cover multiple industry segments including kiosks, digital signage, menu boards, thin client, automated retail, EMV Point-Of-Sale, EV Charging and more. In my role as Executive Director for the Kiosk Association, I work with the U.S. Access Board (we meet once a year in DC), Canada ADA agencies and the PCI SSC regulatory organization.

My customers over the years which I was primary dev support for include Verizon Wireless and their bill pay kiosks (around 5000), AT&T bill pay systems and Comcast self-pay stations. I helped develop the MPOG large screen multi-player simulation hubs for the Army Recreational program (ARMP).

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McDonald's McDrive in Germany

The almost 1,000 McDonalds restaurants with McDrive in Germany arenow equipped with LG High Brightness Displays. Almost all drive-thru locations receive the new wind- and weatherproof, sunlight-compatible digital signage displays.

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Jun 23, 2023

Good to see. I will go ahead and publish updated PSA on Accessibility from public self-service view. ANSI just released Electric Vehicle Infrastructure regulations. The US Access Board will release their final ones in September later this year. The updated self-service, kiosks, POS, smart city, etc regulation update by US Access Board is scheduled for December 2023.  Here is link on KI

Oct 07, 2022

Web tip - On websites I recommend using a video SEO plugin (I use yoast). Recently Google began indexing all video, that has indexable structured data tags. You can check Google SEO console to see if Google succeeded (or didn't) with yours.

Jun 01, 2022
Replying to Michele Hill

This is awesome - thanks for sharing! I've been starting to see some updates to other drive-through chain restaurants here in the US, which helps vastly enhance the experience!

Thanks Michele. Drive-thru is 70% of sales. Takeout increasing. Indoor dining and curbside decreasing.  See latest news about Schlotzky redesign. -- also I published new pdf study on digital ordering on -- here is the pdf --