Smart City Kiosks - New Options

Smart City kiosks "live" in the most difficult environment -- street level. "Customers" vary from tourists to citizens. New purpose-built 55s from Peerless-AV and even the GNEBs from LG provide new and better options.
Smart City Kiosks - New Options

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Updated and new outdoor smart city kiosk by Peerless-AV released.  Good to see enhancements and the evolution of the outdoor smart city kiosk.

Smart City Kiosk projects are ongoing with many of the deployments being managed by OBM (Orange Barrel Media) with its IKE Smart City kiosks. Their advantage is that they are low-cost since they sell digital advertising. We think the brightness on those units might have been reduced from 2500 NITS which also makes them cheaper. We have never seen IP or NEMA ratings for those units.

The LG GNEBs for the cruise ships is another example of new product. Those are marine-grade, a designation usually reserved for battery systems.

In the new Peerless-AV units are waterproof speakers (optional). With all the ChatGPT developments maybe AI such as that can provide audio commentary on the POIs the user picks out.  Wouldn't be much to add a microphone for that matter.

In Brief Summary

  • Two High Bright Displays back to back
  • Stainless steel (great for seaside for that matter)
  • -31 to 140 operating temp
  • IP66 (no mention of NEMA)
  • Side Vents
  • Optional IR touch overlay
  • Wind-tested to 135 mph
  • Of Note — We were surprised to see zero mention of just how bright these Extreme Hi-Brights are e.g. how many NITS?  Not mentioned in the additional media coverage either. 
  • We called into Peerless-AV technical support to find out. It took a minute or two to navigate (Press 1 for Tech Support) and a minute later a human rep (I’m guessing based in Chicago) let me know that it is 2500 NITS.  For reference 2500 used to be the standard for IKE but they have since deployed lower nit screens.  That saves money, but it is not as bright.
  • Thanks to Peerless-AV TS quick and speedy response!

Other Media Coverage

So What is a Smart City Project Anyway?

Real Life (and Active) Example project Cherry Creek

The CCN BID is seeking a media company partner to install, operate, maintain and sell a digital kiosk network of up to 24 kiosks throughout the CCN BID neighborhood. The RFP winner will also be expected to assist in the process for City approval of the kiosk system with the CCN BID. Please note that proposals may include other forms of street furniture at the option of the vendor. If forms of street furniture other than digital kiosks are proposed, vendors must supply a narrative describing the economic and non-economic benefits to the CCN BID of such street furniture.

The CCN BID is soliciting proposals relating to the installation, operation, sales, service and maintenance of digital media kiosks at the proposed locations set out in Schedule A. The period of the contract awarded will be ten years from date of signing with two 5 year renewals based on economic performance and “good neighbor” standards. Vendors may propose packages that include signage at all or some of the locations listed on Schedule A and may also propose additional locations for consideration by the CCN BID. Proposals for the kiosk system must meet the following Minimum Criteria:

  • Be of CCN BID approved high aesthetic and structural quality
  • ocus on advertisers with high brand standards
  • Agree, at the request of the CCN BID, to eliminate certain types of advertising from the kiosks including, but not limited to, prohibitions on obscene content and tobacco
  • Agree to meet quarterly with the CCN BID to discuss the content approach for the signage
  • Agree to certain CCN BID local retail-specific content restrictions (ex: no direct competitors of key retailers or businesses may be featured on the sign) and promotions
  • Include a process to quickly address unexpected negative advertiser issues
  • Demonstrate an ability and plan to keep the kiosks cutting edge from a technological and aesthetic perspective for the term of the contract, including an upgrade plan
  • Demonstrate an ability to maintain industry best practices in terms of pitch, lighting and functionality for the kiosk system
  • Include a CCN BID based branding element on each kiosk
  • Include a schedule of kiosk system installation including penalties for non-compliance.
  • Vendor will supply a minimum 10-year pro forma projecting revenue and operating expenses for its proposal, including a revenue sharing plan with the CCN BID. All cost and labor for system installation, maintenance and operation will be the vendor’s responsibility. All required property and liability insurance must be supplied by the vendor.

Worth noting that ADA compliance usually ONLY consists of reach requirement. Cherry Creek is no different and could be short-sighted on their part.

Unusual, too is the requirement that the winning vendor reimburse CCN for their consultant fees ($54K)

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Go to the profile of Gibran Nassif - AVIXA
over 1 year ago

@Craig Keefner this is a great way to create more engagement when it comes to digital signage. Great write-up!

Thanks for the encouragement Gibran. Trying to describe a simple situation while carefully bring up some of the underlying complexities sometimes ends up with me going down a rabbit hole.

If anyone wants the full Cherry Creek deal (or other outdoor smart city) I can send to you and you can forward on.

A variation are transit-related. Lawrence KS has active RFP and is currently seeking an interested, qualified proposer to provide a total of three (3) freestanding passenger information kiosks, to be installed at Central Station 2303 Bob Billings Pkwy Lawrence, KS with complete content management software (CMS) systems.

Probably 3X the bids for transit systems like that then smart city for that matter.

No wonder Peerless-AV selected image with bus driving by....