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Namasthe, Areas of interest is primarily on HR and Sustainability of Environment related projects - Planting trees, Lake rejuvenation and maintenance, Tree census, creating food forest at urban apartments, waste management and working on documentary of ''The stories of trees '' and ''Music of Trees'' of Namma Bengaluru. Travel extensively to explore my spiritual insights to small towns of India and enjoy Indian Architecture .

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Sustainability of Ecosystem in Urban Spaces

Aim - To provide authenticated data which is educative, informative, to bring in awareness and be sensitive to ecosystem around - Ideas Ahead AV Solutions P.Ltd.,

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Oct 28, 2022

Its a great initiative @Kavitha N Kishore ! Protecting the environment absolutely needs highest priority and contributions from everyone, any which way, is the need of the hour! 

In fact UN has declared the COP27 to be held next month in Egypt, as the moment of truth for the international community, it is time for all stakeholders, world over to work together on the agreed environmental goals and sustainability agenda to turn these into meaningful actions. Sharing some of the insights in the article here below.


Its wonderful to see our industry stakeholders contributing to these efforts! Looking forward to seeing many more such stories here in this forum!


Thanks Gopalji. Thanks for the motivation. Will be sharing  few more articles related to sustainability work which is being served as a role model at many urban spaces.This above project on Tree census is a cost effective methodology of documenting and yet have valuable data for research and helps in future references. It is a must in the present situation.

This project also created the much needed impact in creating the awareness in the communities around for the need to maintain a lung space for a balanced ecosystem which impacts the  health and natural wealth in the region .