Jonathan Wunrow

Audiovisual Technology Director, Fellowship Greenville

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AV/IT Integration End User Live Events/Meeting Planning


AV Management Design Engineering Solutions Development



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May 21, 2024

c. 3840 x 2160

May 07, 2024

b. Obtain RC or NC measurements of the HVAC noise and provide to the design team to articulate the implications to the client’s site.

Apr 23, 2024

a. Verify assumptions, and identify any challenges with the installation
of the audio visual systems

Apr 16, 2024

c. Stakeholders

Apr 09, 2024

d. Inspect each system component for water damage

Apr 02, 2024

a. Replacement or cleaning of a projector air filter

Mar 26, 2024

d. Keep track of the equipment and supplies the company has on hand what is on order and what is on site