Bryan Meszaros (He/Him)

CEO, OpenEye Global

About Bryan Meszaros

As the CEO and Founder of OpenEye Global, Bryan’s vision and interpretation of interactive and visual media have transformed OpenEye into an elite experience design agency.

With a specialty in digital strategy & experience design, Bryan has worked on crafting innovative experiences for high-profile brands like Merlin Entertainment, Unilever, Honeywell, Santander, Kravet, and Hershey.

Meszaros is an active board member of the Digital Signage Federation, Shop! Association and previously served as the President of SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design). He is also an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University.

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Content Creation Experience Design


Business Development Consulting Design Executive Office/Owner



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Digital Signage

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InfoComm EMEA Forum

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Mar 22, 2023

@Bryan Meszaros, what a fantastic venue and high-energy "X"perience! I'm jealous of my local colleagues- @Chris Lavelle -and wish I could take part! Your #IC23 plans sound equally intriguing! Anxious to hear more -

Thanks, @Lisa Matthews, CTS ! It's going to be a fun night for sure! Hope to see you there @Chris Lavelle ! And yes, Orlando is going to be a blast!!!!