Aaron Peterson, CTS-D, CTS-I

Senior Solutions Engineer, Mechdyne

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Currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at Mechdyne Corporation. I started at Mechdyne as an AV Systems Designer from 2013-2018 where 90% of my projects were under-budget and delivered on-time.  In 2020, I was listed as one of Commercial Integrator’s “40 Influencers Under 40”. I started in the AV Industry in 1998, running sound at my church and school in Bloomington, MN , and doing it professionally since 2000. I graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2009 where I worked as a local stagehand at CY Stephens Auditorium and Hilton Coliseum, as well as other freelance stagehand work in the Minneapolis area. Since 2022, Aaron has continued to work various events back at CY Stephens Auditorium and at other locations in the central-Iowa area.


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AV/IT Integration


Consulting Design Engineering Solutions Development



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Not having someone to talk to at your booth defeats the purpose of being there. There were a number of companies who had a side "conference room" last year. Some I wanted to talk to, but there was no one there! It felt like a cop-out. My bar for a company showing stuff at Infocomm is pretty low: have people to talk to and have product to show me. Even if the product is sitting on a table with a fancy table cloth, it's better than not having anything. Even if the "product" is an empty shell of a display model, it's better than nothing.