Booths staffed by... QR codes?

Booths staffed by... QR codes?

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Me neither! But according to an article on Xlive, a staff-less booth might be a direction some companies are exploring.

Thankfully, I don't see this taking off at InfoComm. (Whew.) While QR codes and tradeshow booths in the Metaverse might work at CES, the thought of an exhibit hall with no booth staff kinda defeats the purpose of tradeshows in my mind. Making that face-to-face connection and talking one-on-one with #avtweeps is what tradeshows are all about!

Walking around the InfoComm show floor and running into someone you know, chatting with exhibitors (especially if they have free candy, #sorrynotsorry) and seeing all the big and fabulous real-life things is what makes three, four, five days away from home (or if you're like me, eight days!) totally worth it. This will be my ninth InfoComm, and I still get excited thinking about walking toward the live events section of InfoComm and seeing lights and lasers and fog machines.

If it makes sense to use technology as an enhancement to a physical experience, like AR or simulation, or streaming and video conferencing, sure. But I'd still like to talk to a real person about how the technology works. 

And it goes without saying that my shoes look wayyyyy better in-person than on Twitter. 'Nuff said.


@David Labuskes - I went almost a month with no shoe post, but I couldn't deny you any longer!

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Go to the profile of David Labuskes
over 2 years ago

It’s funny@Barbara Blaskowsky.  Sometimes you just don’t know why there’s this empty feeling inside and then, a shoe post fills your heart!  Counting down the days until #infocomm22!

Go to the profile of Aaron Peterson, CTS-D, CTS-I
over 2 years ago

Not having someone to talk to at your booth defeats the purpose of being there. There were a number of companies who had a side "conference room" last year. Some I wanted to talk to, but there was no one there! It felt like a cop-out. My bar for a company showing stuff at Infocomm is pretty low: have people to talk to and have product to show me. Even if the product is sitting on a table with a fancy table cloth, it's better than not having anything. Even if the "product" is an empty shell of a display model, it's better than nothing. 

Go to the profile of Renato dos Santos
about 2 years ago

Eu amei esses sapatos. 

Go to the profile of Barbara Goldstein
about 2 years ago

Obrigado @Renato dos Santos  ! :-)