Your Favorite #IC22 Moments + A Chance to Win

Your Favorite #IC22 Moments + A Chance to Win

What a show! From connecting with your peers to exploring trends to ah-ha moments, we did it all at InfoComm 2022.  

Tell us about the highlights of your InfoComm 2022 trip. Anyone who posts or comments in AVIXA Xchange June 13-17 has a chance to win a $50 gift card. Winners will be chosen each day. 

Thank you for sharing your experience as we count down to InfoComm 2023.  

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Go to the profile of Kristi Ross-Clausen
8 months ago

Since I couldn't be there in person, I appreciate the posts from AVIXA and other attendees on various social media platforms. No where near the real thing, bug I didn't feel as if I'd missed out as much. 

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu
8 months ago

There were so many highlights at the InfoComm 2022 trip. From the educational sessions to the integrated tours to the show floor itself. One of my favorite parts was seeing the Xchange booth! And getting the opportunity to connect with so many individuals. 

Go to the profile of Ash Munro
8 months ago

My personal highlight was the near-constant reminder that we are indeed a community. From the moment I walked into the Council Lounge and caught up with a few folks I only know from zoom meetings, to bumping into an old client I haven't seen in 15+ years in a demo room, to meeting new contacts at a happy hour (and again the next morning at the Xchange booth) and all the connections in between - the trip was full of reminders that the human element is much more important than the gear. Although getting to put hands on the gear was pretty cool too.

Go to the profile of Dawn Meade
8 months ago

So many highlights for me! 

First, a return to in-person. Hybrid and remote conferences, meetings, and events are great for getting info, but will never replace in-person meetings. I reconnected with so many friends, and met some virtual friends for the first time in addition to meeting new folks.  From sharing a meal or some drinks, to actually getting hugs from dear friends (who are vaxxed and willing) at long last - nothing beats the real-life experience. (And AVIXA's all about experiences, right? :-) )

Next, it was great to return to teaching at the show and an utter pleasure to have well-attended and fully engaged classes, including one sold-out and wait-listed! Sharing industry knowledge and research to enthusiastic folks in the field is wonderful - especially because it allows me to meet so many new folks and grow my own network while helping increase their networks and knowledge!

Then, as much as it kills me during the show, the sheer amount of walking and quantity of steps earned at the live show is always staggering. Despite how bad I ache in the days following, all that movement does a body good, especially when compared with normal work when I'm stuck behind a keyboard all day long. At Infocomm 2022, I topped 130k steps and walked almost 55 miles! (My record is an Orlando show when - with the theme park days included - I walked over 70 miles!)

Finally, it's always fantastic to get to travel to the show and have a few days away. I not only do the show and the parties and networking events, I also always make time for some fun experiences I can't get at home - like theme park visits in Orlando or shows in Vegas.  For Infocomm 2022, my fun experience was VIP tickets to see Martin Garrix at Omnia. Spending my last hours in Vegas, dancing the night away mere feet away from one of my favorite EDM artists was amazing and well worth the lack of sleep and extra tired legs for my travel home. 

Overall, Infocomm 2022 was a great show, a great experience, and a great way to return to the in-person world after three years at home, alone on the couch! ^_^

Go to the profile of Bill Fons
8 months ago

The Keynote speaker at the all council meeting did it for me.  I could not have been more inspired when Vince spoke about the creation of Meow Wolf and the determination that brought this never before seen vision to life.  

Go to the profile of Noreen Esson
8 months ago

I feel the same way @Bill Fons! I was so inspired by Vince's speech and how they just wanted to create a community for their art and how they managed to accomplish it. 

Go to the profile of Christopher Koehler
8 months ago

#IC22 provided me a unique opportunity to meet my coworkers and get to know them on a whole new level.

In mid-April, I joined the VSGi team and have worked remotely for 2 months now.  While today's technology, that we all use, design and integrate, have been amazing in creating an amazing virtual office environment, there's nothing like meeting people face to face.  Getting to spend the time breaking bread, exploring and laughing with my work family was invaluable.  Just since returning, the conversations have been different, and the interactions are more special.  The projects are taking on new life and the collaboration is sweeter.

This was my first InfoComm experience and I had an absolutely lovely time. The Avixa Educational CTS Prep course I took with Chuck and Jeremy was really well done and expanded my AV understanding exponentially. The icing on the cake was taking my exam while there, and passing my CTS!

The show room floors and all the contributors were fantastic. All very knowledgeable and professional.  A lot of new technology and interesting solutions are in development! I'm excited for my next InfoComm opportunity. 

Go to the profile of Jacques Hipplewith
8 months ago

This was my very first InfoComm. The first day was very overwhelming, but definitely had a plan for the second an third days. My favorite moments was seeing the Samsung Wall in person, and the second was the Wacther Tech Hologram booth. 

Go to the profile of Brandon Kling
8 months ago

My highlight was the show itself. First time I've been able to attend thanks to my recent switch to the Public Sector. No longer do I have clients waiting on projects to be complete that take precedence over something like this. I am the client now, but also my own integrator.

Got to see some new products that definitely piqued my interest like WilliamsAV Convey Video system.

Go to the profile of MARCO CORDOVA BELTRAN
8 months ago

Hello everyone! This was the first time that I had to attend the event and I can't say anything else that it was wonderful.

The stands were of a high level and the exhibitors were very kind and patient. I really felt immersed in video, audio, collaboration solutions and small manufacturers, but with great ideas with great potential.

Maybe being in a place like Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to leave the event and say "that casino screen is surely from some infocomm2022 provider" or "that clear sound of the event surely a certified engineer did it"

Immersive experiences like the Logitech booth, the audio test at Shure, the high-end technology of Athur Holme, wow! Is awesome. Let's not forget the experience of feeling that new technology when moving in Tesla cars through the Loop, something to never forget!

Thank God there was Shake Shack, the best burgers ever :P.

Thank you Infocomm for coming back! The organization was great. I hope to marvel again next year.

See you soon!

Go to the profile of Ken Clarkson
8 months ago

The interactive demo for the Conference/Collaboration space for Q-SYS was nicely done requiring interaction from the participants and the video had anticipated responses from the presenters if the participants didn't accomplish the next task in time.

In person was a definite plus since the Hybrid does not even compare to the In-Person event.

Go to the profile of Allison Leopold
8 months ago

InfoComm 2022 was a wonderful experience!  As this was my first time attending, some of my favorite moments include being able to meet coworkers and partners face-to-face and network further.  It was also great being able to meet other professionals in the AV Industry. 

While I have only been in my role since the beginning of 2022, it was also great seeing so many of the displays, projectors, etc. in person.  Being able to see the different displays in person and being able to educate myself further on the products was very rewarding and will help me to succeed in my role.  I was very impressed by the booth setups and the work that went into the exhibitions.