Where Can I Find…? -Tip #32

Quick tips to navigate the community
Where Can I Find…? -Tip #32

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What is it that brings you to Xchange? Is it personal connections, information on technology solutions, or technical guidance? Are you interested in industry events, CTS certification, or perhaps you’d like to chat with AVIXA’s Global Member Services team?

Here are some quick tips to help you navigate the community:

  • New technologies and project-inspiring case studies
    • Channels – browse the list of key solutions areas by scrolling down the homepage or by selecting the Channels dropdown in the navigation pane
    • AV/IT Buyers Room – this space is dedicated to end users and buyers of AV/IT solutions.
    • AVIXA TV – linked below AVIXA Resources in the navigation pane
    • Search “Case Study” in the global search and be sure to click “More” to view hundreds of inspiring projects

We hope you find the myriad resources across the community valuable and welcome you to contribute your expertise as well!

So, what brings you to AVIXA Xchange? Please share in the comments below!


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