The CTS (I & D) Exam Guides

Exclusively from McGraw-Hill and AVIXA, the series of exam guide books cover exam objectives relative to each respective certification (CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I) with detailed coverage of the technical topics common to each job role.
The CTS (I & D) Exam Guides

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Neither AVIXA nor McGraw-Hill warrants that use of these publications will ensure passing any exam. Practice exam questions were not subject to the same item development process as questions on the actual exam and may or may not reflect the actual exam experience.

Remember, though, you are not required to purchase any courses or resources to prepare for the exam.

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Go to the profile of Michael Hooper, CTS-I
about 1 year ago

Thanks Greg.  Having formed an independent study group for higher education AV tech managers wishing to gain a higher level of CTS accreditation, and completed the previous CTS-D study guide myself, I am planning to purchase the new CTS-D exam study guide and will be taking the exam as soon as I work up the nerve to sign up ...maybe at InfoComm.  

Go to the profile of Greg Bronson CTS-D
about 1 year ago

Nice!  Kudos for your ongoing professional development - keep us posted!

Go to the profile of Li Yi Wen
about 1 year ago

Is there any e-book available online? 

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Hi @Li Yi Wen, thanks for your question! Follow the link @Greg Bronson CTS-D provided above and scroll down to "More Help With Guides". You'll see "Book purchase is for either single print or single ebook format". So, yes!

I wish you the best in your CTS journey!