The 8 Trends Shaping Design in 2024

Gensler's Design Forecast
The 8 Trends Shaping Design in 2024
Image credit: Gensler

Gensler's Design Forecast begins with "experience multipliers: immersive designs that drive loyalty, boost sales, and improve vibrancy with a shared sense of inspiration and belonging."

It speaks to our craving for connected experiences in every part of our lives and our growing demand for sustainable design.

It addresses the future of the evolving workplace and the need for organizations to plan for in-person experiences in spaces that are agile, flexible, and compelling.   

It highlights AI's role in designing spaces that are more sustainable, better performing, and more responsive.

Continue to the article and downloadable report, Design Forecast 2024: The 8 Trends Shaping Design in 2024.

AV is such an integral part of design and of the human experience. 2024 is looking bright!

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