[Solution Proposal] Conferencing & Collaboration

Yamaha's solution proposal - Conferencing & Collaboration -
[Solution Proposal] Conferencing & Collaboration

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Hybrid work, which combines work and telework, is now being adopted by an increasing number of companies. Clear audio is essential for teleconferencing as unwanted noise and inconsistent signals can hinder collaboration and productivity. So, wouldn’t the obvious solution be to simply configure and install a high-performance audio system? Well, not exactly. Since the people operating the system will likely have little to no sound engineering experience, it is imperative that the audio system not only sounds great, but it also easy to operate via an intuitive UI. Yamaha offers several system packages that are easy to set up and control, and allow for customization according to your application and size of your space.

Comfortable, natural communication that feels as if you are in the same space

Yamaha signal processors are equipped with a variety of voice-specific digital processing functions that eliminate sound problems and ensure clear communication.

For example, the Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC), automatically suppresses feedback that can interfere with communications, and the Auto Mixer function, automatically adjusts the volume of multiple speakers in real time.

Extensive lineups covering rooms of all sizes, from input to output

Yamaha’s conferencing lineup includes a number of packaged solutions such as the ADECIA audio solutions for remote conferencing, which features a choice of microphone types, the YVC series all-in-one speakerphones for different room sizes, and the CS video collaboration systems. It also features an intuitive and unified UI that will save time and increase productivity during conferences and meetings. Used in combination with compatible processors, these systems can accommodate larger or more sophisticated environments. Our flexible lineup also allows for expansion beyond conference rooms and into surrounding facilities such as auditoriums as well.

Advanced acoustic technology that prevents confidential information leaks

The need for confidentiality of private conversational information in facilities where personal information is handled is increasing year by year. Our MRX7-D Signal Processor features speech privacy technology that utilizes a special proprietary voice to camouflage conversational information and obscure the meaning of conversations. Highly effective at lower volumes, it helps to maintain confidentiality of information without compromising the comfort of a space.

You can find your Conferencing & Collaboration solutions, that fit to various Room/Venue Types.

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