Posts vs. Conversations – Tip #11

Posts vs. Conversations – Tip #11

When sharing content with, or posing a question of, the community, you have a choice to either create a post or a conversation. So, which should you choose? Let’s consider the following…

Where do you want it to appear?

  • Posts can be designated to appear in multiple Channels and/or in a Room and address a wide audience.
  • Conversations happen in a Room and address a more defined segment of the community.

How do you want it to appear?

  • Posts include a poster image that attracts members’ attention. Additional imaging and formatting add to the appeal and effectiveness of the post.
  • Conversations, on the other hand, don’t require an image, just your subject line.  You can add a link and minimal formatting, but the content is typically short, to the point – a question or sharing of an opinion that gets a conversation going. Conversations allow for threads of discussion that stack neatly in a room so that they can be easily scanned.

Xchange post vs. conversation

Do you want it to be shared on social media?

  • Posts can easily be shared onto social media platforms by individuals and providers on Xchange.

Sharing a post on Xchange

Sharing a post onto social media from Xchange

  • Due to the nature of conversations, they are not able to be shared onto other outlets.

How do you create them?

  • Posts are created by selecting “Create a Post” from the dropdown. After uploading your image, designate which Channel(s) and/or Room in which you’d like for it to appear.
  • To initiate a conversation, enter the room and click the “Start a Conversation” button in the header image. Note: this is different than starting a conversation with an individual or group of individuals.

When do you want it to publish?

  • Once a post is created, be sure to save it and give it a quick preview. You can then decide whether to publish it immediately or schedule it, as well as any number of others, out across the calendar. Not ready to schedule? No problem, just save and leave it in draft mode until you’re ready.
  • Conversations, however, are “of the moment” and will publish when you click “Post”.

What about tagging and badging?

  • Each can include links and offer the ability to tag people and companies but only posts can be badged (e.g. Event or Learning).

Ready to share your thoughts? Create a Post or Conversation now! And be sure you’re “Watching” the Channels and Rooms that you’re posting in and are of interest to you so you don’t miss anything!

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