Strike up a Conversation - Tip #7

Connecting with individuals, providers or groups of room members is as easy as clicking a button, literally.
Strike up a Conversation - Tip #7

Ready to reach out to a member of the community? Great! Xchange makes it easy to message members and providers directly. You can start a conversation in a room, including others by tagging them, or you can create a custom group chat with up to 5 others.

Connect with an individual or provider  Let’s say you’ve found someone in the member directory or that you’ve just read an interesting post and want to contact the member directly. Simply click on their name to view their profile. Right below their name, click on the “Start Conversation” button and begin drafting your message.

The same holds true for a provider. You can start a conversation right from their profile.

Connect with a group of select individuals If you’d like to add others to the conversation, click the green “+” above the left-hand column. This will open a panel on the right where you can start typing in names.


Build your group of up to 5 members and click the “Start Conversation” button at the bottom of the panel.

Start a conversation in a room Rooms are a great place to strike up a conversation or ask a question as these are very defined audiences. Determine which room is most suited based on your topic and click “Start Conversation’ (are you sensing a theme?). Anyone who is watching the room will be alerted to your new conversation. Others entering the room can also participate.

To amp up the reach of your conversation, try tagging (“@”) an individual or provider member to call their attention to it.

Any questions? Comment here or….Start a conversation with me!

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