Pianist Showcases 'Haptic' Holographic Piano Performance

Lang Lang performed on a holographic piano while his hologram played a real piano, thanks to 5G and Musion 3D
Pianist Showcases 'Haptic' Holographic Piano Performance

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Lang Lang joins holographic concert celebrating Telefonica's centenary and Mobile World Congress opening. Thanks to Telefonica and Ericsson's 5G network, along with contributions from Igor Studio and Musion, Lang Lang's haptic hologram played a Steinway grand piano onstage, synchronized with a hologram of him playing a real self-playing Steinway Spirio grand piano.

Prior to the Barcelona concert, a four-day test at Telefonica's Madrid headquarters addressed key technical challenges:

  • Latency: A private 5G network minimized end-to-end latency to under 100 milliseconds for the audience of over 1,000.
  • Capacity: Three Haivision Pro 460 4K UHD encoders processed video before transfer over the Telefonica 5G network, reducing bandwidth impact.
  • Filming: Three independent video images of Lang Lang were required for hologram creation, along with detailed set design and creative lighting.

Musion 3D's technical setup facilitated an immersive experience, with Lang Lang seemingly playing a holographic piano with a "haptic effect" static keyboard on an overhead LED wall, while simultaneously a hologram of Lang Lang played a real piano.

Adjustable delay ensured synchronized audio, facilitated by Musion's FA-9600 and EDA 2000 frame synchronizers.

Musion 3D director Ian O’Connell praised 5G's role in facilitating simultaneous ultra-low latency transmission of multiple large format 60p video signals and audio data, bringing remote musical transmissions closer to commercial reality.

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Go to the profile of Virginia Molina
16 days ago

¡Impresionante! Un claro ejemplo de como la sinergia entre la tecnología y el arte inspiran nuevas formas de creatividad y expresión.