New to Xchange!

Happy to introduce Videri to this great community of like-minded professionals and solution providers.
New to Xchange!

The platform you've never heard about but have likely seen everywhere globally is happy to join AVIXA Xchange.

While we are new to AVIXA we have been powering digital in places you never thought possible for 10 years.

Looking forward to collaborating and sharing our story.

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 month ago

Welcome to the community, @Videri! We're glad you're here and look forward to learning more!

Xchange members, check out Videri's profile and give them a Follow! And if you've worked with them or experienced one of their projects, please share in the comments!

Go to the profile of Gibran Nassif
18 days ago

Welcome @Videri !