New: Conferencing & Collaboration Newsletter

New: Conferencing & Collaboration Newsletter

Check out highlights from AVIXA's new Conferencing & Collaboration newsletter: 

  • What is 'extended reality?

    Extended reality is a universal term that covers augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality — but there's a lot more to it.

  • Tech that Prioritizes Privacy Runs the Show

    As many turned to web-based video conferencing platforms to maintain their operations during COVID, gaps in security became more apparent. But this may be an opportune moment for startups.


    According to industry insiders and thought leaders, virtual meetings and remote work will soon replace the daily commute to the office for many. However, recent research indicates that a new normal for work might actually stifle creativity. What's the story?

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Go to the profile of Josh Riley
3 months ago

Some great highlights here Nicole! I'm particularly interested in the effects and future of working from home. I quite enjoy a hybrid style myself, but I know that, as with most things there's different strokes for different folks.