La Maison Lancôme brings beauty to the heart of Madrid with its innovative DOOH Campaign, a unique and sustainable experience

La Maison Lancôme brings beauty to the heart of Madrid with its innovative DOOH Campaign, a unique and sustainable experience

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From April 1st to 11th, we had the privilege of participating in one of the most anticipated outdoor marketing campaigns of the year: La Maison Lancôme. During these days, our digital #totems transformed into two "giant canvases" over 5 meters high, strategically located at the entrance of the iconic Plaza de Colón in Madrid, a dream for beauty enthusiasts. This transformation served as a warm welcome to this elegant and sophisticated campaign.

For the first time in 13 years, La Maison Lancôme opened its doors to the public, attracting over 4,000 people to Plaza Colón in Madrid from April 5th to 11th. This initiative reflects Lancôme's commitment to bringing beauty to everyone through a unique and sustainable experience. Visitors were able to explore the brand's three universes: makeup, skincare, and fragrance, learning about its innovative and sustainable approach.

Inspired by the Rose House at Domaine de la Rose, the 13th edition of La Maison Lancôme highlighted the protection of nature and biodiversity. Additionally, Lancôme introduced its technological beauty strategy, combining science, innovation, and technology to personalize consumers' beauty routines.

During the event, 2,500 attendees received an expert skin diagnosis with Skin Screen and could discover new releases, such as the fragrance "La vie est belle Rose Extraordinaire" and the Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Eye Serum, demonstrating Lancôme's commitment to science, innovation, and skincare.

Innovation and Creativity in La Maison Lancôme's #DOOH Campaign:

La Maison Lancôme's #DOOH campaign not only showcased exclusive brand content but also incorporated a spectacular anamorphic piece that seamlessly integrated into Madrid's urban landscape. This fusion of art and technology showcased the power of DOOH to create visually stunning experiences that captivate and excite the audience.

DOOH formats are redefining the advertising landscape with their constant evolution, offering advertisers a versatile and creative platform to connect with audiences in impactful ways. The combination of creativity and technology in DOOH has opened up new possibilities for displaying surprising and contextualized content, driving interaction and virality on social media.

To maximize the impact of their messages, advertisers should leverage advanced tools available in DOOH, from 3D creativity and augmented reality to screen synchronization and live broadcasts. Additionally, integration with street activations and product sampling enhances the brand experience, creating deeper connections with the audience.

Benefits and Impact of DOOH in Your Marketing Campaigns:

  • Stunning Visual Experience: The ability to transform urban spaces with creative and visually impressive content creates a unique experience that captures the audience's attention and leaves a lasting impression with the brand.
  • Interaction and Engagement: DOOH campaigns offer opportunities for audience interaction, fostering engagement and strengthening the emotional connection with the brand and advertising message.
  • Visibility and Reach: Located in strategic locations, DOOH campaigns guarantee broad visibility and effective reach, reaching diverse audiences and generating significant brand awareness.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: DOOH allows brands to quickly adapt to current trends and events, offering the possibility to update and modify content swiftly and efficiently.

This collaboration with La Maison Lancôme highlights the potential of DOOH to innovate and enrich the advertising landscape, offering unique and impactful experiences that resonate with audiences and reinforce the brand's identity.

Creativity in DOOH has reached new heights, offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities to captivate audiences with 3D anamorphic ads, optical illusions, immersive experiences, and more. The combination of LED technology and creativity allows dynamically adapting content based on context, creating synchronized and immersive campaigns that emotionally connect with the audience.


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