LA Clippers 'Halo Board' Unveiled for Intuit Dome

Inside the Clippers' groundbreaking $2 billion facility, the 'Halo Board' takes center stage
LA Clippers 'Halo Board' Unveiled for Intuit Dome

In just one year, Inglewood, California will undergo a remarkable transformation from the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers to the new epicenter for Clippers fans. The eagerly awaited $1.2 billion Intuit Dome is set to redefine the basketball experience.

Clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, hails the 18,000-seat Intuit Dome as a 'basketball mecca' and a 'basketball palazzo.' What distinguishes this cutting-edge arena are its unique features, including power jacks at every seat and an impressive surplus of toilets, doubling the capacity of any other NBA venue.

NBA/LA Clippers
NBA/LA Clippers

Inside the Clippers' groundbreaking $2 billion facility, the 'Halo Board' takes center stage. This awe-inspiring innovation spans nearly an acre, offering 18,000 fans an immersive 4K view of replays, individual player statistics, quarter breakdowns, and advanced metrics. The arena's 44,000 sq ft halo LED scoreboard creates a fully immersive 360-degree viewing experience.

Driving this exceptional technology forward is Daktronics, a prominent American LED display designer rapidly gaining recognition in the sports technology landscape. Partnering with Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, Daktronics, headquartered in Brookings, South Dakota, has pioneered a scoreboard that defies convention and promises to redefine the fan experience.

According to AP news and the NBA, The Los Angeles Clippers’ new arena is on schedule to open next year in 2024, with the steel framework for its two-sided halo board now in place above the 18,000 seats.

AP Photo/ JC Hong
AP Photo/ JC Hong

AV technology remains a pivotal element in enhancing audience experiences in the sports industry. What are your insights on this initiative? Do you anticipate similar adoption in other sports?

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As nations and sponsors increasingly prioritize audience engagement, the realm of AV technology is poised to shine and expand even further.

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